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Gems Baby Bunnies is a website for Rabbit and Guinea pig lovers, who can search for a baby rabbit or guinea pig to buy. We are a hobbiest rabbit breeding home, based in Kent. We sell very friendly Mini lops, English lops and Guinea pigs.

The advantage of buying from Gems Baby Bunnies is that breeding has been carefully planned and thought through, with reguards to producing robust, healthy rabbits of good temprement.

 We also handle our young rabbits and guinea pigs so all our rabbits sold are confident about being handled. There is also an oppotunity to see the parents, and be given the exact date of birth of the rabbit you wish to buy.



Rabbit Care Policy

Caring for rabbits is great fun but also a huge responsibility. All pets need a regular routine, and lots of love and attention Most important of all pets need owner who will stay intrested in them and commited to them for the whole of their lives. Remember rabbits can live for up to 10 years! If you cannot commit to looking after rabbits properly and for the whole of their lives then please dont take them on!

Gems baby bunnies policies on buying a bunny!

All of the monies taken from the sale of my rabbits and guinea pigs goes back into their keep, welfare and care. As I am a hobbiest breeder, I do not make profit from any of my sales.

I do reserve the right to REFUSE SALE to anyone purchasing any of my rabbits!

I will not sell a rabbit or guinea pig to anyone under the age of 18 unless accompanied by an adult.

I also do not 100% guarantee the sexes of any rabbit or guinea pig sold. However I do rarely get this wrong!

I will not take responsibility for any sudden injury or loss of a rabbit or guinea pig, after 48 hours of leaving my care.

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